OMG, Sheep

One of those moments you realize that you are tourist, and you are in the way of a shepherd trying to carve out a living for himself.

It snowed 1/2 a foot the day before this shot, which was quite odd for this part of Nepal. As a result, things were a little backed up, we had to wait a day for the snow to melt, the donkeys stopped moving and everything was a bit chaotic. Our group of western hikers were making our way around a corner and up a hill when we heard a bund of commotion. Look up, and there were at least 50, maybe a 100 sheep, ready to book it down the narrow path, down the hill and trample us.

Luckily, the talented shepherds were able to hold back the heard long enough for the last of us to clear the way, when, in a flash, the sheep hurdled down the hill and moved on to the next bottle neck.

This is a shot, looking up, from below the sheep, off the main path slightly. What a cool experience.

Where the sheep are now is where we were, and this is a steep hill.

Posted from Jomsom, Western Region, Nepal
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