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As I write this e-mail I am reminded of the summer. Mainly because of the beer I am drinking (I have only had 3 beers in the last 1.5months) and The Black Keys playing on my ipod (those who know of the past summer will understand why this is essiantial summer music). The temp here is some around +30 which makes it feel like summer.

The real reason why I am writing this post is tell you guys about something new. We have changed Plans, it is official now. We have purchased a ticket to Singapore and we will being going to Malaysia to take a PDC (Permaculture Design Course). Which is a two week course in which you learn all about permaculture and become certified. Then in the middle of July we will head to Thailand (near Chang Mang) to volunteer on a permaculture farm/garden.  From the time we take our PDC (until the end of April) to the time we are to spend at the permaculture course we will tour around SE Asia, or do some volunteering.

It is pretty neat, changing our plans like this, but it isn’t without it sacrifices. We will have to send out bicycles home. We also won’t be able to see Petra, Egypt, Israel (a new addition to our plans thanks to the friends we met at Sadhana) and Europe. However we will see SE Asia and we will save money (I hear that it is good to have money in a recession). The last couple of months have been a growth period for us both. We have realized that traveling can be rewarding (in more then just pictures) and that a chance to learn something is better then a chance not to learn something. As we head to the unknown, we look forward to the new experiences in the future.

So far Mysore has been a lot of fun and been great. We have been slack at posting lately but that is mainly due to a really slow internet connection and the fact we have not been doing a lot. This is an update and there is some more post comming in the next few days that provide you with some good reading (I hope).

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2 thoughts on “New plans

  1. Mark Groot

    Hey guys, love the blog. If you are in Malaysia the Pulau Perhentian Island (long beach)ia a great place to rest. Really cool chilled backpackers escape with the nicest beach and clearest water I’ve seen. It may have changed a little since 2006 but from my memories one of the highlights of my SE asia trip. Also you gotta rent scooters in Thailand, so cheap, tons of fun and tons of freedom. My brother and I did the Loop from Chang Mai up to Pai to Mae hong son and back around to Chang Mai.It was a long trip but great scenery and fun roads. Well thought I’d share some of my favorite parts. Your permaculture course sounds very interesting. Enjoy.

    1. Kelly

      Thanks for the tips. After traveling around for the past 4 months, I have realized that there is just too much to see in this world. We need more time.


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