New Design

After a long time and three different designs I have finally completed the design of my blog. Although it is not perfect, it is pretty close to how I wanted it. I could estimate the number of hours that I spent trying to make this design, but I don’t want it to seem like I don’t have a life. It looks best if you view it in Firefox, some things don’t work with IE. Now I have to shift my attention.

With only 9 work days left, and a half full apartment, I need to pack up everything, get rid of all the stuff I don’t need or want and find a place for the things I do want. It is amazing how easily it is to gather a lot of stuff. It is also amazing how hard it is to get rid of stuff once you have it.

It snowed today, first time this year (real snow fall). I’m sure it won’t stay until spring, however I am sure that it will stay long enough to make me cold and wet while at work. This is one of the things I am not going to miss when I am abroad. I will miss other important things though, like toilets, regular food, my own place, my own bed, and an income. In this case, the things that I miss are no where near the benefit I hope to recieve from traveling. I am pretty excited and can’t wait to get into Mumbai.

3 thoughts on “New Design

  1. Amy

    I know what you mean about taking a long time to pick a design ans playing around with things (sorta) while i don’t do that with computer things I sure do it when making cards/collages…

  2. Mary-ann Planidin

    Tanya, thankyou for this lovely website. I already miss you and I am checking the page out today November 19, 2008. You will be in my thoughts throughout the coming days and months. Please take care of yourself and safety first always.

    Tanya it was a great pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with you. You are a wonderful person and nurse.

    Take care of yourselves and have a great time. I will be checking in on this website to see how you and Kelly are doing. Bye for now, . (mary-ann)


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