NAD disc golf course

We played NAD 3 times over the weekend, which is likely due to the proximity of our accommodations to the course. We were a short cab ride to the course, which allowed us to play without anyone having the responsibility of driving home after the game.

One of the holes, a small corridor through the maples.

The NAD course is a well maintained lush course with decent elevation changes and is a lot of fun to play. The course is situated in a wetter forest with a lot of cedar trees, a few wet sections and enough slope to avoid too many swampy sections. There is a good mix of holes, a few straight holes and dog legs to make it interesting whether you throw backhand or forehand. The holes aren’t long, which is great if you been throwing plastic all weekend and your arm is sore (like mine was).

Nate casually flicking a disc at NAD

I love this course, it reminds me of the course at on Salt Spring Island yet better. I couldn’t think of a better course to be close to and I hope that I will get to play this course again.

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