We have found another Cafe Coffee Day. The last one was just a random shop on the side of the highway, this one is in in the trendy part Mysore, the shopping district, where you can get designer clothes (United colors of Benetton, Pepe Jeans, Levis Store ect). Even the Cafe Coffee day is trendy, this three story coffee shop on the corner is something you would expect on Robson Street. Tanya’s Cafe Frappe is delicious and disapearing quickly (thanks to my help).

So why are we in Mysore?? That is a valid question, after we rode 60-some Km ride south of here Tanyas leg started to get tingly and hot. About 10 days ago Tanya notice some kind of bite on her leg, and it was getting better. When we got to Gundlapet her leg started to act up. We rode back to Mysore. The same road, but much busier. Traffic doesn’t really start to move until about 9am. The closer you are to city the busy the traffic. The ride back to Mysore was much busier and more trying on the patients.

We found a nice clean hotel downtown for a price that was 1/5th of the price we stayed before. As such we were giddy, only spending 1/4 of our daily budget on accomodation, we felt relief. We went to a doctor recommended to us by the person who runs the guesthouse we previously stayed at, and for Rs150 he will take a look at one’s ailments. He didn’t seem too concerned and said it was a common problem, though Tanya felt he didn’t really¬† understand what the problem was and was more interested in asking us questions about Canada’s medical system, he wrote out a prescription for a painkiller (which if the doctor would have listened, there wasn’t really any pain involved) and some vitamins. I think we will go get a second opinion.

A second opinion is what we got (the next day), we went to a hosptial and the intake physician sent us to a skin clinic to see a dermatologist. The doctor there said that there is an infection in the leg hair follicles (due to shaving legs with some open bites and some scrathes on her legs) and as such, provided an entry point for some bacteria. Now Tanya has some anti-botics and we both hope that is the end to the leg problems. There is a lesson here, and it is always to good to get a second opinion if thnings don’t seem right.

We also met a two girls from Holand. They are cycling for three weeks in India. One knocked on our hotel door, after she saw our bikes in the hotel garage, she had to find us. Good thing, we exchanged stories and experiences of cycling in India. It is always great to meet other cyclists on the road, we will always go out of our way to chat with other cyclists. Tomorrow is Sunday and would be a perfect day for us to leave Mysore except for the lesson we learnt a month and a half ago (which is, you don’t cycle on Sundays, everyone has the day off and the roads are congested and very hectic). As such we will spend another day in Mysore, with our cheap accommodation and a Cafe Coffee Day around the corner, we are happy to spend another day here.

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3 thoughts on “Mysore…again

  1. Caramia

    So I guess you may need to quit shaving your legs then eh Tanya? Heheh. Glad you guys are ok and having fun. It makes my morning tea more enjoyable to read about your adventures! Well I should get back to FFT… :)

  2. Jack

    Tanya, in Europe, it is not uncommon for women to have hairy legs. In fact I have heard that it is considered rather sexy! Hope that the infection clears quickly. Take care and enjoy those coffees. Stay away from the ice cream. Love to you both.


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