My first week at Island Health

I just completed day 4 at Island Health and I wanted to write up a little summary of my week. So far, I can sum up the experience in a single word: good.


Here are a list of things that I enjoy the most about working at Island Health thus far:

  • Friendly people
  • No micro management
  • No timesheets (although I do keep a journal of what I do)
  • Bright office
  • The Royal Jubilee Hospital is huge, which means I usually walk a lot throughout the day (~5000 steps at work)
  • Professional atmosphere
  • Really cool projects


There are a few things that I am bothered by, here are the things that have gotten under my skin thus far:

  • Lack of control over computer software that I can install
  • the offices are a bit tight, I had a great view of Victoria harbour from MYRA
  • The bureaucracy is complex and completing small tasks sometimes take a lot of effort
  • Being forced to use Microsoft products and pretty much nothing else

In conclusion

I haven’t learnt the full extend of my role yet, nor do I fully understand what it is like to work within the complex set of policies and procedures that Island Health has created. I am working with a supportive team who is willing to take the time to train me. The projects are large in scope and are really interesting and I think I will learn a ton in a short period of time of how to best work in this environment.

I am positive about my future at Island Health and I am looking forward to see what this post holds for me in the future.

Posted from New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
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