My connectivity method

Oliver has been in the hospital since Friday and should be getting out today (Tuesday). I spent the whole weekend at the hospital, with Tanya. What is really cool is who connected we now are. Even though I was at the hospital, I was still able to tap into my inner geek.

Inner Geek?

I have always been fascinated by computers, ever since my dad introduced me to one when I was 5. Since then, computers have become more and more integrated into my life.

This means that for 25 years of my 30 year life, I have been using computers. Which is to say, computers are more apart of my day then coffee, so being confined to a hospital for the weekend, I brought along my setup.

The always connected setup

With the right tools, I am able to do pretty much anything I can do at home. The best part is that I don’t have to carry around a huge laptop to be connected. Here is what I have on me:

  • a wifi iPad
  • a cell phone
  • an iPad keyboard
  • a suite of applications to enable me to work
  • a dropbox account
  • a gmail account

With these tools and services I am able to communicate with family and friend, update this website, work on a completely different website and stay entertained.

The picture above is me hacking away on my iPad working on a website after a long day at the hospital.

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