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We’ve decided to consider our days spent in  Mysore our Christmas gift to each other, as it is over our budget and we feel like we’re living in relative luxury.

We’ve taken it pretty easy in Mysore, but we have seen a few sights.  We went to the Devaraja Market, which our guidebook describes as “one of India’s most colorful and lively bazaars”, we went  early to beat the heat and it must have been a slow day or maybe it was too early, but it was not that colorful or lively.

We also went to the Mysore Zoo, it was pretty good, though I’m not sure what got more attention from the local families and school groups, the lions and tigers or the two western tourists at the zoo.

Mysore, especailly the area we are staying in Gokulum, is known for yoga, it is the home of Pattahabi Jois, basically the founder of Ashtanga yoga, and yoga students from around the world come to study yoga here.  The funny thing for us is there is no yoga classses between Chrismas and New Years while we were in mysore so we actuallly saw very few other western tourists, we are considering comming back in March or April to do some yoga here.

Our new years eve was interesting.  Pete, a guy from Calafornia saying at our guesthouse, invited us to come to a dinner event at the Ayurvedic centre where he was going.  We went with him, along with one other person staying at the guesthouse.  It was really interesting, there alot of local people there and there was a couple guys singing and playing Indian music, they main musician appeard to be well known and he did a speech after in a mix of the local language and English for our benefit, after was dinner and then we went home, we were glad we went, it was a neat experience.
Mysore has been good, we’ve met some really interesting people and we will likely return.

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