Money Talks

“Dos tickets to La Paz por favor””No biciclettes””What? are you sure? I could do it on the other bus company ABC””Un momento…” The teller goes to the bus driver’s quarters and asks if we can take our bikes on the bus. We can, it is against the policy of the bus company, but at 100pesos a bike the bus driver will let us take them on. Total price for the bus for two people to go 400km is 870pesos. It blew me away, I had no idea it was going to be that expensive. Such is life.

The first hour of the bus ride was incredible, the view was amazing and I would have loved to ride on the bike (although the hills were long and steep). I could spend weeks there in nice weather taking pictures of the sun rising on the jagged unfamiliar cliffs. I wanted to stop right there and just look at them. The weather was still overcast though, so it would not be as nice as it could have been. After the massive climb, the vistas quickly disappeared and we continued on a road that went straight for 60km. It got boring fast and I was glad I didn’t ride my bike through the boring, flat plain.

That last hour of the trip was tough. Both Tanya and I didn’t feel very well. We both got car sick. You don’t notice it on a bike, but the roads are really bumpy here, like frost heave bumpy. Sitting on the bus for 4 hours moving about 110km/hr (the speed limit is 80) on this road was a recipe for disaster.

Chris and Chris digging for clams.

The ride ended though, Tanya and I were in the big city, feeling woozy, hungry, and tired. We headed for the ocean, sat down, ate an orange and drank some water. Took out the guide book and found out where we were. We started walking down the malecon and we saw a couple of people walking on a slack line. It was Chris. We talked to him for a while, found out he was at a hostel, and where it was. Got a room and went right back outside and got some amazing fish tacos (best yet).

We ate them quickly and went back to the malecon and hung out with Chris, and a couple other friends he had made in the last few days. Tried to do some slack lining (Tanya is pretty good at it) and then Chris and his buddy (also named Chris went digging for clams). A fun day on the beach.

These hostel’s are tight, you have to be creative to find a place to park your bike, like on top of the shelf.

We all decided that we should drink some tequila tonight. So we went the super mercado and got to the tequila isle. Wow, there is a lot of tequila in Mexico. It is a good thing I asked which was good tequila. Dropped 200 pesos on a bottle and went back to the hostel. We hooked up out iPods to the radio through our transmitters and socialized. We finished the bottle tequila. It was damn good tequila, not shooting tequila, sipping tequila. It was like drink a ice scotch, just a couple sips at a time.

Posted from La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico
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