Momofuku sausage, with Friends

Momofuku sausage, with Friends

I am on a bit of a Momofuku kick right now

I always enjoy cooking for people. Spending the 3 hours preparing food to devour it in 20 minutes is a great way to hang out with friends. Planned to have a couple of friends over and decided to make them something tasty. With the success of the Clams with bacon dashi, I decided to try another recipe from the Momofuku cookbook, this time it was lemongrass sausage wraps.

All you need for a great dinner.


Being an Asian wrap, there were many components to the dish that made it a success. I would say the real star of the dish was the sausage, but you need all the components to make it taste great and fresh. There are a number of ways to make one of these wraps, I’m sure everyone at the table had a different approach. This is how I made mine:

  1. Grab a piece of lettuce
  2. Pile on some rice
  3. Drizzle a table spoon of Fish Sauce Vinaigrette
  4. Add the sausage
  5. Scope on Carrot and Daikon Pickle
  6. Top with Mint and Cilantro
  7. Eat

I added the Kimchi to the table, but I didn’t feel that it needed it.

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