Metting up with Chris

Day two 53.5km
Day three 81km
The last two days have been cycling days, as most of our days will be from now on. This went very well. After leaving Los Canadas we headed out for San Vincent. The ride was very hilly. There would be a big climb and there would be a long downhill which was followed by another big climb. It was great, a lot of work buy things went very well. We stayed the night in San Vincent in a hotel. We were going to camp, but it was getting late when we arrived into town.

Early morning sunrise on the hills.

The next day we awoke and started to cycle as soon as we could. After climbing a bit hill and having a nice downhill stretch we saw our first cactus. This made us excited as both of us have never seen cactus grow in the wild. Shortly after we met up with an American guy who is cycling all they way down to Chile. I think he will be joining us for the next little while. It is nice to have someone like Chris along for the ride, he always makes the day more interesting. He is also very positive, which helps on those big hills. We decided to stay at a RV park for the night and it is pretty cheap and they give free filtered water (which tastes better then tap water that has run through our filter).

Tomorrow is another day of cycling. According to the guide book, tomorrow will be our last day in traffic. Apparently traffic dies after the next town, which is great the roads don’t allow a lot of room for cycles. The traffic has been really good though, if there is no room for them to pass (due to oncoming traffic or a blind corner) they will wait for a good place to pass. The drivers are friendly, often waving at us, cheering us on or giving us a short horn. After tomorrow we head into the desert, which should be interesting.

Posted from Baja California, Mexico
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