Los Barriles

Only 1 cycling day left, only 6 left in Mexico. 33km

It was an easy day, downhill, tailwind and only 33km. We got to sleep in, and still arrived in time to get lunch (fish tacos). We are staying in this nice little RV park, full of people. There is there is small section for tents only. There are some really amazing set-ups. People come with their vans, tarps, hotplates, microwaves, chairs, tables, stoves and fridges. It is amazing, and it is good to see that you don’t need a huge RV to enjoy a Mexico RV park for 6 moths of the year. One guy just offered me some Mexican coffee, wow is it ever good. We are amazed by the kindness of the people here (both the white and the the Mexican). It is so easy to get into a conversation with some here. Everyone has something to say, and they are all interested in our biking travels. We often get offered a chair if we are sitting on the ground. Its great.

Our cooking setup, complete with a table

Los Barrilies is a wind surfing town, and now (like the snowboarders back in the day) is also turning into a kiting town. Kiting is this sport in which you attach a wakeboard to your feet and hold onto a bar that manipulates this kite (which is more like a wing) that is about 5m long. Apparently these kites are very dangerous because it is like flying an aircraft, they look pretty impressive though, and the look like a lot of fun. It is like wakeboarding with out the boat, there is this constant force pulling you to the sky, the only thing that is missing from wake boarding is the wake (but there is the surf). It is pretty neat.

Last night we went to dinner, and we brought a bottle of wine (it is cheaper this way, Gato Negro $8). We ordered and drank some wine. It was very good wine. We didn’t finish bottle until about 8 or 9 in the evening. it was pretty neat to see it, when we arrived there were only white people in the restaurant, by the time we finished the bottle (well I finished the bottle, we all know how Tanya likes to drink) the place had made a transformation. It was a hopping Mexican joint. There were a lot of Mexicans in there. It is funny, but you read about it, Mexicans don’t really go out to dinner until late at night (8 or 9) which is way different then the way I was brought up (dinner is at 5). I think a lot of European cultures like late dinners, why are we so different? Maybe it is our “want it now” attitude, “I’m hungry so lets eat” mentality, “we need more variety then we can handle” lifestyle. Asi es la vida (Spanish for such is life, my favourite French phrase (which I cannot spell, cest la vie? I don’t know, some one who knows French can help out on that one)).

Birds all lined up in a row

I saw the sun rise today. Just a few minutes too late to see anything red or pink, but I did get to see the orange. It was pretty spectacular. I set my alarm early for tomorrow morning. It is a pretty nice here. We are going to spend today chilling out and enjoying the sun. Tomorrow we may head to Los Cabos (or not) we only have 6 days left so we better get the best out of this place while we are still here.

Posted from Los Barriles, Baja California Sur, Mexico
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3 thoughts on “Los Barriles

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Kelly & Tanya -<br/>We just wanted to let you know how much we’ve enjoyed your travel blog. We check at least 2-3 times a day for up-dates. It’s great to follow along on your trip. We’re glad you’re enjoying your vacation.<br/>Looking forward to seeing you soon.<br/>Gerry & Doris

  2. Anonymous

    Hehe. Glad to hear you’re enjoying your trip. Me and Cara booked flights yesterday, point of no return (kinda). Enjoy the rest of your vacation. <br/><br/>Nathan<br/><br/>PS. You got it right, just forgot the apostrophe. “C’est la vie”

  3. Anonymous

    Hey, Kelly and Tanya, love hearing from you as we look forward to your posts. Your dad and I would love to be in your place, maybe not biking and not having a chair to sit in, but none the less we would love to be where you are!!! The temps today were in around -10 and now are -15 yuk!!!! Work tomorrow for both Jack and I. Jack will be in PG next week as well and will catch up with you at that time. Call when you get back into “real life”. Talk to you later. Love M and D.


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