Yesterday we took a rest day. We found a nice business hotel with room and checked out of our overpriced bad hotel and moved down the road to the nice AC room. The rest day was needed, as we were very tired  after having two days of intense temple trekking (life’s rough eh?).

Distance: 43km
Roads: Fair
Traffic: Moderate

We got on the road a little latter then usual, but we only had 43 km to go so we took our time getting going. We checked many hotels and none offered great value, not until we checked out the one in the Lonely Planet (usually the ones in the lonely Planet don’t have as good as value). The Raya’s Hotel is one of cleanest in town. I worked on the bikes for a while and Tanya got settled.

After a short nap we headed to the Airavatesvara Temple. In the past week we have seen so many temples and you would think that this one would be the same as all the others. It wasn’t, this one was more basic then most of the others, and more like the ones in Badami. It was also deserted, there was only a handful of people there which was enjoyable.

After that we headed back to town and checked out a couple of temples bathing in the late afternoon sun.

Posted from Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India
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3 thoughts on “Kumbakonam

  1. Jack

    You are certainly seeing your share of temples. I can tell you that there is no way that your dad could see that many and enjoy them as you guys do. One never knows, though.

  2. Helen

    Hi Tanya,
    Dennis and I are enjoying your trip very much.
    We follow each new place that you visit, and we have had the atlas out many times.The yoga sounds very interesting!
    I really liked the posted picture of you both.You look great.
    You will be happy to know that we have had one of our coldest and snowiest winters in a long time!( while you are looking for A/C rooms.)
    Stay safe, and have fun,
    your friend back in the snow,


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