Kuala Lumpur City Centre

The line up, the pedway was free (amazingly) so it was popular

Today we got up early and walked downtown.  We wanted to go get tickets to see the view from the Twin Towers (KLCC), and apparently you have to be there early.  We weren’t the only ones with this idea as there was a huge line up, but we got tickets for the 2 pm ride up, which left about 5 hours to kill.  Conviently, there is a massive shopping centre in the KLCC.  Kelly wanted to go see if he could go get some cool photos at an old train station, and I was perfectly happy wasting a few hours in the air-conditioned luxury mall, so we went our seperate ways.

Massive Mall

The KLCC mall was 5 floors of very expensive brand name stores.  All I can say is that people who like shopping would be in total heaven in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.  There was anything you could want, any brand, though not any price range because it was all very expensive.  While yesterday was full of cheap knock-offs, this was the real thing…Burberry, Fendi, Prada, and more (I had to look at my mall guide to remember some of the brand names).  Kelly saw a 109 inch plasma tv  for $80,000 Canadiann Dollars.  I saw a really really expensive purse I wanted but once again I went home empty handed, back to our neighborhood with cheap knock-offs and discount shops.

Looking down at the traffic

Not sure what it is, a garden?

Around 2 in the afternoon we went to the bridge (or pedway) of KLCC and it was worth the wait, a great view of the city from the 41st floor (about a third of the way up).  The building was amazing, (once that tallest building in the world) and had some Islamic features.

Another random building, you can see the Islamic influence in the buildings.

We were really tired by the end of the day, so we stopped for our new found favorite Malaysian treat, Kopi-Peng which is iced coffee made with sweetened condensed milk…cheap and energizing!

Posted from Petaling Jaya, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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