Kuala Lumpur – ChinaTown

Welcome to Malaysia

We arrived early in Kuala Lumpur to pouring rain.Chinatown is the area of town with the budget accommodations so we thought we’d head there.I didn’t have very high hopes for a decent place (just based on Chinatown in Edmonton).However the neighbourhood was much nicer than I though and we found a good place to stay quicky. We ate breakfast at McDonalds…yes, McDonalds as it was the first place we saw and I really just wanted to go to the hotel and sleep.The make their Sausage McMuffins out of chicken here for the Muslim population.

A full 7hours of sleep later, we set off exploring the older part of town. We first went to the Central Market (which is more souvineers than anything). After walking through the nice a/c bazaar (nothing at all like the markets in India) we went to see some older Islamic influenced architecture.

A small white mosque surounded by green trees and tall buildings


Red palm trees? Nice gardens here

Islamic Tiles

After the sun set we went to a street totally lined with you-name-it knock off goods…need Gucci sunglasses, a Coach or Louis Vutton bag, Rolex or Tag watch, some trendy shoes, well they’ve got it…and the quality was very good actually, a person into fashion could easily tell the difference I’m sure, but I really couldn’t.We left empty handed (though most tourists we saw didn’t) and instead went to a really nice Malaysian restaraunt where we had a meal and I had two…yes two glasses of wine!

Posted from Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
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