After our houseboat we caught a ferry to Kottayam. There was a few slight differences between this ferry and the house boat. It was a lot cheaper, and we shared it with about 40 other people. Bikes go on the roof, which was really easy.

Kottayam is a pretty prosperous town, due to the rubber plantation trade. We found a nice business hotel which was great value and the next day we were gone.

Down the hill, it is so green

Distance: 72km Roads: great Traffic: light Elevation gain: ~1200m (3500ft)

A1200m gain is a lot, especially on a bike, in India where the temperature is 30 something degrees and you are carrying a sick amount of gear. We were doing great until about 1pm. Then we got hungry, so we stopped for a snack. It wasn’t enough so we stopped at the next place serving food.

Tea Plantation

The place didn’t look that bad, but once we started to eat, we thought it was a bad idea to eat there. The reason for this was because they were about to add cold tap water to one of the dishes. This made us worry (was there water added before? is it safe to eat?) 24 hours later we are not sick, so I guess it was ok, something to look out for in the future.

We didn’t stop climbing until 3:30, most of the time we are done by 1pm. We were tired and sore, moving very slow. Our muscles were screaming.

Cardamom Plants

Bamboo plants

We reached the top, and there was a guest house there. It was great, inside our budget and it was clean. So we stayed. It is built on a 1000 acre spice, tea and coffee plantation. Designed like a resort, there were a number of things one could do at this place (canoe in there damn reseviour, nature walks, ect). I walked around a little taking some pictures.We ate dinner at attached the restaraunt. It was good, by the time we finished eating we were tired and ready for bed.

Posted from Kottayam, Kerala, India
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