KL and Melaka

Without the awesome powers of us, these towers fall to the ground

We spent a couple of days in KL. We needed our fix of good food, and downtown KL has quiet the selection. The first night we had Lebanese, then in was Mexican, then Moroccan. Good eats. We even bumped into our fellow Singapore Sightseeing sidekick, Jill (completely random and unplanned meeting). Our tax returns came back, the result was a trip to the malls. Downtown KL malls are impressive, then make WEM look like Fields in Leduc.

After our fill of delicious food we left KL and headed to the town of Melaka. Melaka is chilled out, we first headed to China town to find a place to stay. This is where we wish we had our bicycles, now we have carry everything on our back, in the hot humid air, instead of coasting along the quiet roads on our bicycles. This hotel has wifi, which has been an important factor in our accommodation selection (this is a new option that was never available in India).

Looking up, KLCC at night

Multicultural: Within 1/2 a block, a Hindu temple (not visable), a Mosque (in the distance), a Tao temple (accross the road) and a Buddhist Monestary (where the picture was taken from)

After cleaning up we went exploring. This town is pretty dead during the week, but only being 200km from not one but two major centres (KL and Singapore), I have a feeling this place gets pretty busy on the weekends. Most of the stores were closed and most of the ones that were open we selling some touristy trinkets. It was like going to Jasper, in November. There were a number of stores selling cool t-shirts (I like cool t-shirts) and there were many art galleries. After cruising the streets we headed to a place called Capitol Satay.

Cool buildings in Melaka

Nice lighting, Melaka

In case you were wondering

We didn’t know what to expect, but the guide talked it up so we checked it out. We get there and there is a cooler with some raw meat on the left and tables with holes in the middle and a lpg container beside each table. In the hole they place a pot of satay sauces (sweet and spice), and turn on the gas. The sauce heats up and you put our meat in there to cook it. It is like a fondu, Malaysia style. Pretty tasty, but one can only eat so much satay.

Nice and clean, that is until we start using it

Tanya with our platter

Cooking, it gets a little messy

Prawns, with the legs and eyes, reminding us that we are eating an animal

Pretty Tasty, but one can only eat  so much satay.

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