It comes to an end

The Annapurna circuit was great. It took 18 days for all the hiking. Check out the pictures on the my flickr site. There is not much to say about the trek, every day we woke up ate breakfast, hiked, had tea, hiked some more, had lunch, hiked again, ordered dinner, ate dinner, ordered breakfast went to bed. I know it doesn’t sound to glamorous, but it was, it was great. We really had a great time. The weather was pretty good, compared to Edmonton or Prince George the weather was very nice, some days with above 20 degrees, other days that it snowed it was like that late spring snowfall, not much like winter at all. There was a group of 12 of us. We all got to know each other by the end. Tanya and I couldn’t stop talking about our next trip, in about 18 months from now we are going to go on a year long trip, hit up South America, then South Asia, maybe China, maybe some of southern India or Sri Lanka, then Turkey, Mocorrow, Spain, and then probably New York (just to say I have been there). I am pretty excited, and that will probably happen the day after I write my RPF exam. In the few month before I write I won’t be spending any money, I will be too busy studying, so this will be a great opportunity to save money. Traveling is the best thing I have done, and for all of you guys right now that are thinking of spending the money on a down payment for a house, forget it, go traveling, it was an amazing experience, something that will stay with me forever, something that I cannot sum in words.

The best 6.5 weeks of my life, it was just amazing.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”
 – Saint Augustine

Posted from Pokhara, Western Region, Nepal
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2 thoughts on “It comes to an end

  1. Anonymous

    Kelly, just finished browsing all your text and pics. Very enjoyable, thanks, you did a great job. Almost makes me want to go hiking, but I think I’ll have another cup of coffee instead.<br/>Jack

  2. rowan

    Hey Kelly… remember that Australian guy called Rowan who was doing the AC at the same time as you? It’s me!<br/><br/>My camera was stolen on my last day in Kathmandu, so I lost all my photos from Nepal. I was idly looking through Flickr wishing I still had some of mine, when I came across a few that looked kinda familiar. Then I saw a few people I remember and realised it was you! <br/><br/>So thanks for putting all those photos on flickr, it was great to see it again.<br/><br/>Hope you’re well, <br/><br/>Rowan


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