Issues with my blog

Over the weekend I noticed that my website went down. I am not sure what happened, but it is a good reminder to back up your files. The last backup of my files was from September 16, which means that I have lost 7 months of photos (content still exists on my website). I have all the photos scattered across a number of different machines, which will be time consuming g and boring to repopulate the blog.

Needless to say, I need to do a better job to stay on top of backups.

How are your backups? When was the last time you did your backups? Computers (and websites) fail from time to time, you need and eventually you will loose your files. Regular backups are an excellent way to avoid pain and frustration.

Although this is a pain, it is a reminder and I will creating a more regular backup solution in the future. For those of you hoping for a new photo of Oliver, I am sorry, with the website down, I haven’t had a chance to post one, but hopefully soon.


I restored most if the files and the content, however the photos since September are missing. I will peck away at the images until it is fixed.

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