Distance: 32km
Roads: great
Traffic: none until National Highway, then it was crazy

We are in a city called Hospet, there isn’t too much to see here. In fact we are waiting for our bus to leave for Mysore. We elected to take a bus to Mysore becuase there isn’t too much to see on the way and there is a high likely hood that we would have to camp at least once (maybe more) and we don’t want to do that. It is now 3:30 and we have been here since noon and getting a little bored.

The ride from Hampi (actually Virupapu Gaddi, you have to cross the river to get to Hampi) was good at first. Very quiet roads, rolling hills with a slight downhill grade overall. The the road we were on ended and we were on the national highway, which was crazy busy, a ton of trucks. We didn’t know we would have to ride on the National Highway, and it confirms our reasoning for avoiding them at all costs. Luckly the ride went quick and we were in Hospet, where we ate at what we thought was a nice restaurant.

Every since arriving in India Tanya has wanted to have some Ice cream but avoided it with the fear of getting sick. That fear was pushed aside today when Tanya ordered some Ice Cream from this busy, nice (and moderately expensive) restaurant at a relatively fancy hotel. Within 30 minutes of finishing the Ice Cream she had to go to the bathroom, but didn’t quiet make it there before vomiting all over the restaurant floor. With a 8 Hour bus ride on the horizon, it should prove to be an interesting night. Here’s hoping the worst is over.

Posted from Hospet, Karnataka, India
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3 thoughts on “Hospet

  1. Jack

    Tanya, I guess ice cream is not in the cards for you in India. Too bad, as I know that I would want to try it out as well. Thinking of you on your bus trip. Hope it is uneventful!
    Love , Mom

  2. Cassandra

    Just wait till you get to Italy, then eat nothing but gelato the whole time to make for all the ice cream you missed.


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