The other day was the Holi Fesitival in India. It is to celebrate something (like so many things) that I don’t understand about India Culture. This is what happens. A bunch of people (mostly early teenager to mid 20’s India Boys) get some dye (powdered or mixed with water) and they throw it at people in the street. I saw it once in a commercial and thought it looked pretty cool.

As I was riding my bicycle down an alley, I saw some people covered in dye (red, yellow, purple and pink). I looked ahead and there I saw a couple of eager boys holding something in their hands. I was riding my bicycle and as I passed them, they threw the powder at me. I was covered in many colours. It was crazy, but funny, and when I got home, Tanya had quiet the laugh at my multicoloured face/shirt/feet/shorts. I wish I had some ammunition to throw back, but I didn’t. A day and a shower later and I still have some evidence of festival on me.


Posted from Mysore, Karnataka, India
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6 thoughts on “Holi

  1. Amy

    Wow… I didn’t know I have a multi-coloured brother. I like it!
    And I don’t know if I’ve ever seen your hair that short… nice!

  2. Nathan

    Haha, yeah I saw this too, on the amazing race though I think.

    Is the dye going to come out of your shirt? That’s a nice shirt, would be too bad if it was ruined, but at least you have a funny story to show for it, haha.

  3. Jack

    Kelly, you had more hair on your head when you were born. That is quite the buzz cut. It will certainly be easier to take care of! Your yoga classes seem like a real workout. I never liked yoga but maybe that was because it was just tooo easy 20 years ago. Your dad and I are headed south to Yuma and then are making our way slowly back home. The holiday is coming to an end.
    Keep us posted.
    Love, MOM and DAD


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