Day six 54km
Headwinds. Headwinds. Headwinds. Most of the day we were in the most wonderful cycling terrain. Rolling hills, mostly downhill with some uphill. We were stoked when we saw it but this idea was quickly extinguished when we realized that there was a headwind. For most of the day we did not go any faster then 15km/hr, however it felt like we were moving between 30 and 40km/hr. It was something else. At the end of the day we were all mentally exhausted, trying to push through those winds all day takes a lot out of you. The day is done, we went 54km, and tomorrow is a new day.

Today started out slow. My alarm was set for 4:30 in the morning. I awoke to a thick blanket of fog. Everything was covered in dew. The tents were the wettest they have been all trip, and the cactus’ were covered in water as well. I can now finally see why it is so green in this desert. They may not get much rain here, but they do get a lot of condensation. We actually had to wait for the fog to burn, we didn’t want to ride in the fog.

About 10:30 we saw a little place to eat, so we went in for lunch (remember we eat breakfast at 5 so if we waited until noon to eat lunch we would be much too hungry). We got burritos, and they were very tasty, very good, almost as good as the food the night before.

After the epic battle with the headwinds we decided to stay at a RV park, but really it wasn’t much o an RV park. It is a parking lot with a bunch of half buried tires around it. It cost us 30peso and we camped outside the parking lot where there was some protection from the cold wind. We ate dinner (leftovers) and we were inside our tents ready for bed by 6:30. With the alarm set at 4:30 and the hopes of no headwind tomorrow we all prepare to fall asleep.

Posted from Baja California, Mexico
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One thought on “Headwinds

  1. Spanky

    I’m so jealous of you guys…..taking the initiative to just haul ass through the desert and camp where ever you feel like it…..sunds like alot of fun. Well you arn’t missing much in PG….been freak’n cold here (between -36 to -20). Enjoy the rest of the trip and if you can, bring back a real good bottle of tequila. Take care and Play safe. Cheers


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