We have decided to take some time off in Hampi, which is a temple town. Back in the 16th century, this was a happening place, surrounded by hills made of granite rocks, Hampi is one of a kind. In the valley bottoms there is extremely fertile soil (home to banana plantations and rice patties) which provide a nice green contrast to the weathered granite rocks. Hampi is a small village (there are many temples to see at Hampi), to the north across the river is smaller village, which is where we are staying. There is no bridge across the river, the only way to get across is hop onto a crowded boat powered by a 15 horse kerosine engine (crazy). Continue down the road south from Hampi and you come to the Old Kingdom.

There are 12 major rivers in India, each year there is a festival for one of the 12 rivers, so every 12 years the same river has this festival. The river that runs through Hampi is one of these 12 rivers, and this is the year that the festival happened here. There were thousands of people here. Sunday was the worst and on Monday it was amazing quiet. We over heard someone talking, there are apperently 50,000 people bathing in this river every day during this festival, amazing.

In total we will stayin Hampi for 8 days, the reason for this extended stay is simple, good food and pretty cheap accomodation. There is a ton of things to see here, temples, ruins, old bazars, ect. I have posted a gallery below, and you can view all the images below. If you click the image it will take you to a bigger image, in which there will be a description of the image and you can leave comments on the image if you feel inclined to (we love getting comments on our blog so please leave comments if you want to say something).

We have also joined a yoga class being put on by a couple staying here at our hotel. The classes have been good so far and since we haven’t done any stretching since we started cycling, we are very tight and need to stretch our muscels.

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4 thoughts on “Hampi

  1. Jack

    Those are some amazing pictures! Sounds like an interesting place to be for awhile. Enjoy the yoga classes and do a stretch for me!

    1. Tanya

      Kelly takes the majority of the pictures (well at least the ones that get put on the blog!) :) but it’s often me that comes up with the ideas for the good shots, so we make a pretty good team! 😉

  2. Doris

    Wow! You really take some great pictures.
    It looks like there’s alot of interesting things to see there.
    Really enjoying your website!


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