Distance: 61km
Roads: Good
Traffic: Moderate (great considering this is a national highway).

Sitting at Cafe Coffee Day, we watch the the Indian life drive by, 200 year old trees line the highway as tractors pulling trailers filled with cocconuts and childern putter by, being passed by all sorts of different vehicles. Cafe Coffee Day is a modern coffee shop, like Starbucks, but red not green. The prices are cheap and the coffee is good, the music however isn’t enjoyabl (nothing like some Indian trance). India is hurdling towards modernization, and those that want to live a slower paced life will have to do so on congested highways breathing polluted air. This place is crazy, the polarization between the two extremes is apperent every day.

Our ride today was great, we opted to take the National Highway 212 south of Mysore. We were going to turn off the NH if the traffic were bad, but they remained bearable (not thee most enjoyable, but no where near as bad as the NH can be). We decended in elevation and had a tail wind, a recipe for a high average speed. It was great.

The people we saw on the road today were more friendly then normal. In fact, this is the most friendly group of people we have seen on this whole trip. We were passed by many people waving out of car windows. People on the side of the road were saying hi and cheering “Happy New Year!” (it is Jan 1, but I have the posts post every couple of days so there is delay between when I write the posts and when they get pulished on the internet). We even had on person try to video tape us as then drove by. Very plesant, I always seemed to have smile on my face today. The hotel we are staying at now isn’t nearly as nice as the one in Mysore, but we’ve paid for the hotel, with a deposit, had lunch, and a coffee and we still have a long way to go before reaching our daily budget.

Posted from Gundlupet, Karnataka, India
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