Grumpy Face

That time when your kid starts to use his sense of humour, that was yesterday. 

So many neat things to see downtown.

Tanya works the odd Saturday, and with winter coming really close, there isn’t a whole lot to do without a car. This weekend Oliver and I went on a little adventure, to get sushi and some mittens.

Selling the dream

It started the night before, I asked Oliver if he wanted to get sushi for lunch while mom was working. Oliver was game, but I think it was more the promise of riding the bus than getting the sushi.


Oliver wasn’t the biggest fan of the sushi, although he did like pulling the avocado and yams out of the sushi and eating that, al el carte style. The dorayaki was a big hit though. 

Running around downtown

Kids have a lot of energy, and this was super clear as he would run up and down the sidewalks. He likes to jump on man holes (or whatever you call them). I could take a few pictures, but he would move after I took a few. The fact that he is willing to let me take a few shots is pretty cool though, which is a change from this summer.

So much movement, running sround and around and around

The highlight was probably when I saw this alley and thought it would make a good gangster shot. I told him, “show me your grumpy face,” he was pretty excited, and gave me a pretty good grumpy face, in which you can see he is bursting with excitement and happiness underneath.

One thought on “Grumpy Face

  1. Linda

    Kelly, we loved your post. Oliver does have an attitude face. You may be in for a few challenges as he turns into a school kid. SO much fun!!!!
    Love you. Mom


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