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The concource in Seatle’s airport had a varied selection of shoes walking on its floors. There were nice shoes, and old shoes, shiny shoes and dull shoes, shoes made of leather, shoes made of suede, and shoes that rolled. There were not any sandles however. The lone sandles to been seen were on the feet of Tanya and I. We felt out of place, (and yet we didn’t really care). When you have to carry everything on your bike you carry as little as you can. Style was left behind. We brought only what we needed, sandles.

We started to pack our bikes yesterday. It was a momentious event. I had no idea that it would take 5 hours to take apart a bike and place it precariosly in a box (only to have them stuffed into a bus with suitcase thrown ontop the next in Tijuana). Fueled with the idea of lonely Baja highway, we pushed on until we had to eat something (frozen McCain pizza, Thanks Doris). After 7 exhasting hours of packing we were finnally done.

“Make sure you are at the airport 2 hours before your plane leaves” Our plane leaves at 6:40am, is the airport going to be open? Checked the web, it opens at 4:30. We head to bed at 11pm with our alarms set at 3:23 (those few miniutes are precious). Amy (my sister) was going to drive us to the airport. Two bike boxes, a bike trailer and 4 paniers (saddlebags) stuffed into the back and three people stuffed into the two front seats.
4:31 Leave for the airport, turn out the lights, lock the doors and set the alarm
4:32 Realize we left a light on, turn around and turn it off.
4:33 set off the seirens of the unfamilar alarm system and answer the phone
4:36 reset the alarm after talking to to the nice alarm people on the phone, just about forget to turn off the very light we turned around to off
4:38 Close the garage door and get into the car (two minutes to get to the airport)
4:41 go the bank and deposit a cheque I found in my wallet
4:43 drive down Ellerslie rd heading for Calgary trail.
4:53 arrive at the airport

It was an exciting morning, it took a lot out of Tanya, she is trying to fall asleep on my shoulder, I think she is finding it hard with my typing fingers.

San diego is a nice place. From the airport we go to our hotel. Ariving with two big boxes and two large bags, very combersome, needing a minivan to get us to a hotel. The looks on the hotel workers was pretty funny. We told them that we were going to go cycling in Mexico. “Are you crazy!!??” they ask “I hope not” I replied with confidance. They take us to our room. A very small room. Big enough for a queen size beg, 42in wall mounted LCD TV and your shoes. The room apears much larger due to the full mirror ceilling and the wall mounted fish bowl. The fish’s name was Szasza. Pretty cool room. We asembled our bikes (about 2 hours) went to get some food (Mexican) and went to the convience store and bought some beer (cheap beer in America).

We have a stove, but we didn’t have any camp fuel so I went to find out where the closest place to get camp fuel was. Talked to the manager and he told me REI was the best place. The only problem was that REI was a far distance from us, and not on our way to Mexico. So that manager offered to dirve us there. It blew me away, I didn’t ask for a ride or anything like that, he said that if were going to bike in Mexico he didn’t want us searching around for camp fuel. So he drove me the 30 minutes (all on freeways, they have a pretty good road system down in the states) to REI. It was great, we got the fuel and then he even drove me back to the hotel. I can’t say enough about that hotel, I would highly reconmend it to anyone who is going to be in San Diego. I asked that manager why he drove me, and he told me it was for good customer service. I thanked him and then we went to bed.

Posted from National City, California, United States
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3 thoughts on “Getting there

  1. Anonymous

    Great to get your notes of your trip. keep it up when you can.<br/>Hey, if you want, let me know what hotel you were in (and the guys name if you know it) and I could send a message to management telling them about their great employees. Just a thought<br/>Doing lots of skiing here, good powder last week at Sub Peaks, will probably end up there again on Monday (no crowds). Doing cross country most other days<br/>You two be careful.<br/>Love Jack

  2. Anonymous

    Awesome trip Kelly. <br/><br/>Kelly your commentary makes me and Cara laugh, the wording is so “Kelly-esque”. <br/><br/>My impression of Mexico has been sketchy near the border and progressively more laid back as you go south.<br/><br/>Have fun, I’m sure you will.<br/><br/>Nathan


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