From Pondycherry to Mysore

For the rest of our stay in India, we will not be riding any more. We have signed up for a yoga class and that is where we will be spending the rest of our days (about a month). As such there will not be as regular posts. There will still be posts, but when you are staying in the same city for a month, there isn’t a whole lot to see. There will not be a post every two days (as I’m sure you guys have noticed).

Over the past few months we have had an average of 72 people visit our site a day (which is amazing, I didn’t know I knew 72 people), and I thank you all for reading (or viewing the pictures) on the site.

Mysore Palace

Before arriving in Mysore we spent some time Pondycherry. After leaving Sadhana forest (which was a great experience) we booked into something a little more luxurious (which means there was a toilet and privacy). It was good and we enjoyed eating the French food.

As there is not a lot to see between Pondycherry and Mysore, and it is getting hot we opted to take a bus to Mysore. We booked on a sleeper and we both got a bed. Having a bed on the bus is great, you can sleep in comfort and time flies by. Before we knew it we were in Bangalore, hoped onto another bus and we were in Mysore in no time.

A window in Mysore

We signed up for our yoga class and have been to a few classes. They have been great, two classes a day at two hours a piece. A total of four hours of yoga. It isn’t the relax and try to touch your toes yoga, you hold a pose and every breathyou push with your hands (usually towards your feet or the ceiling depending on the pose) on the inhale and the push with your feet on the exhale. The result is a constant stretch for 5 long breaths. Then you switch sides and do it all over again.

For anyone who wants to say that doing yoga isn’t a real exercise, I challenge you to come to India and sign up for one of these courses. Within 30 seconds of the warm up I am sweating and within 5 minutes my shirt is saturated with sweat. My muscles are extremely sore, every time I move I am reminded of lactic acid that has taken residence in my muscles.

Posted from Mysore, Karnataka, India
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2 thoughts on “From Pondycherry to Mysore

  1. Rachelle

    Hey guys, so happy for you and your yogi experiences this month!!
    I’ve been reading a lot about acid/alkaline balance, and especially when working your muscles as you are, you need to increase the amount of alkaline forming foods and drinks in order to decrease the lactic acid affect. Raw fruits (except bananas and cranberries) and veggies (not beans, peas, or corn) are all alkaline forming…adding lemon to your water is nice too. It’s too bad there isn’t any Greens+ there, it’d be a perfect drink 1/2 hour before your workout.
    Man you guys are gonna come back so fit!!!

  2. Tanya

    Hey Rachelle,

    Good info! We’re definetly trying to break the cycling/junk food habit and get into the yoga/fresh food routien. Yesterday we bought the most delicious watermelon ever…and mangos are now just comming in season so that will be good. We’ve got this great restraunt by where we are staying and we can get fresh grape/pinapple/orange juice for 14Rs (about 30 cents!!), so good!


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