Free Ride Bike Park

Today we checked out the Free Ride Bike Park, Oliver loves it and I was very impressed with it. Yesterday Tanya took Oliver out to the Free Ride bike park and Oli couldn’t stop talking about, so we took him there today. He has been riding a strider bike for just over a year now and he loves going to bike parks. Earlier this year we introduced Oli to the Cecelia Ravine bike park, which is really close to our house.


The bike park is located just north of the Victoria airport, surrounded by trees, the little clearing is pretected from the wind. For us, the location stinks becuase it takes about 30 minutes to drive out there. The long distance also that we won’t be riding there like we do for the one at the Burnside Gorge bike park.

Park design

The Free Ride Bike Park has a number of differet paths/routes, which start with green and go up to double black. Each route is between 20 and 60m long and offer a combination of bumps, jumps and table tops. A couple of the routes are designed to work on your technical skills while others are build for catching air. There were two areas that are still under development, meaning that there will be more routes in the future.

the sign at the entrance of the park, shows the various routes.

The tracks looks like it is built with hard pack clayish material for the shape and that is covered with a silty fill for the routes. There is gravel for the walking path. You probably don’t want to see this place in the rain, I would imagine that it would be slipper and dangerious (think riding on snot).

the skill tuning section of the park, shaded from overhead trees.

There was a shaded picnick table with a water tap, so bring a water bottle. There is also a temporary outhouse there now, although it does look like they are building another structure, maybe this will be a washroom in the future.

More than I had as a kid

I don’t remember having something like this when I was a kid, although I did have easy access to a ski hill, there wasn’t a lot to do in the summer. Both Tanya and I are hoping that Oliver takes to the bike like a fish in water, and so far he seems to love riding his bike, especially the bike parks.

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