Fish Tacos

It looks like the cold that Tanya had has been passed onto me. It is mostly just a head cold. As a result we decided to take today off. Another nice day in La Paz. I think we saw everything yesterday, today should be pretty laid back.


The taco shop

Fish Tacos are a great treat, and a great meal. But if you have never had a fish taco, you don’t really know what you are missing out on. When I first head of a fish taco I imagined a can of tuna placed in a taco shell, with some lettuce and tomatoes, not too interesting, nor does it sound too tasty. There is more to it, they are inspired byJapanese cooking, they take a piece of fish and coat in a batter of tempura. Then they deep fry it. This is the meat part of the taco, an already nice piece of meat, then you place whatever you want in it. I like to put cabbage and mayo with somechilies.


Pick your salsa, so many to choose from.

Another option is to put on some of the tomato, cilantro and onion mixture. The nicer the taco stand, the more options you have. And the final thing is to take a lime and put some lime juice on the taco. Fish tacos are specific to the Baja and you may be able to find them somewhere else, you can find them everywhere here.

Yesterday we went to the museum. It was free, and there wasn’t really much to see, and less to read (unless you can read and understand Spanish). We walked around a lot yesterday and saw a lot of La Paz (well the downtown area of La Paz). There are a lot of shops and none of them are aimed at tourists. Its great, a little bit more of the real Mexico that I like.

Posted from La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico
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One thought on “Fish Tacos

  1. :bee*

    mmmmmm fish tacos…..rico.<br/>our favorite taco stand costs $4.5 for tacos del pastor. mi fav. �did you dare tacos de lengua? <br/>we should have a mexican potluck in april.


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