Fairy Stream

After viewing the deserts we went to a place called Fairy Stream. Although the internet will tell you about a small waterfall, we didn’t walk far enough. We we did see was a small stream slowly eroding the heck out of giant sand dune. The result was a canyon, about 25m deep. To make things better, you had to walk up this stream to get to it, the stream was cool and it looked like we in paradise (you know, sandy banks, palm trees, hot weather). We even saw a cow, which adds to experience (being India for five months will make you look at cows in a whole different light). It was a lot of fun and no better way to spend the morning in this town.

Posted from Phan Thiết, Bình Thuận Province, Vietnam
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3 thoughts on “Fairy Stream

  1. Anne

    Okay I am all caught up now. So on with the adventures. Liked the bleeding bank and of course the cow. Saw cows on my walk in Honduras but somehow not quite the same.

    1. Kelly

      The cows over here are different, they are the same as the cows in India, which are different the the domestic cows we have back home, They are smaller and have a more peaceful look to them.


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