Embun Pagi (Morning Dew)

We are currently staying at a place called Embun Pagi, which is a Permaculture garden near Kuala Lumper. This is where our PDC (permaculture Design Course) is being taught. Embun Pagi is run by a young Malaysian named Sabina. She has been on this site for two months and a lot has been done in that short period of time.

The 4 acre land has a lot of potential, the main area (zone 1) has been managed to produce vegetables that will be used by the house. Greens to big vegetables have been planted here. There are also some coconut trees, banana and papaya trees. There are two other pieces of land that don’t have much on them, but they will soon enough. It is exciting to be here and to see the land before it is planted, this is the perfect climate to plant a food forest and this land could produce a lot of great tasting fruit.


The other day we had a day off so we headed off to see some sights. Sabina organized a great day for us, there was a ton of things to see. The first place we went was to this cool garden. There were many different plants growing many different fruits. It is so amazing what you can grow here. Everything grows so fast and there is stuff I never heard of growing here. It was very similar to Abraham’s spice farm in India, however there wasn’t as many spices, it was just as impressive. The house belonged to an architect, and we saw some of the house (just the outside). Very neat place.

Green and Purple Leaves


Green shrubs

Moss trying to take back the land

On a palm tree

Flower of the Custard apple (I think)

Green Leaf

Palm trunk

After hanging out there for a while we headed to a bird sanctuary. This place was cool, I saw some mangroves (first time). Amazing ecosystem, tree growing in standing water, and salt water at that. There was a big group of us and it was great. The mosquitoes loved it to, they were brutal, flying fast, silently and you don’t feel them bite you until it is much to late. These little insects go into stealth mode and leave a bite that is itchy, and there numbers where that similar to a Canadian forest in the summer which meant you didn’t stop moving. The set up was cool, you walk on a boardwalk into the mangroves, and if you follow the boardwalk all the way you come out to the edge of the boardwalk, which is also the edge of the land, and in front of you, all you can see is ocean. Amazing.


On the edge of the mangrove

After the mangrove we went to eat some Chinese food (since being in SE Asia, I have eaten a lot of Indian and Chinese food). The last thing we did was check out some fireflies. I have never seen them before and they were great. Like at Christmas time, the trees were lit up, and all the flies were blinking together. Pretty neat to see. We are a week into our PDC, which means it is about half over and so far it has been a great course. After this we don’t really know where we are going to head. If you think there is something worthwhile checking out in the area please leave us a comment.

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2 thoughts on “Embun Pagi (Morning Dew)

  1. Cassandra

    My dad reccommends you go up to Bangkok and check out some of the temples and the floating market. He’s heading back there tomorrow and will be there for a week and then he’ll be in KL on the 9th of May. Feel free to add him on facebook maybe you guys can meet up. When Cass K. was in Bangkok in Sept. they went out for ice cream. Take care you guys!

    1. Tanya

      Thanks for the suggestions Cass! We are in the midst of figuring out where we’ll be for the next little while. I always think of you when I’m in the shopping malls here as I’m sure you’d just love the shopping! I mostly just love the air-conditioning, Canadian at heart I think.


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