Duct Tape Day

Not only is today duct tape day, but it my first post ever on this blog…or any blog.

It was also a day filled with surprises…a newly found gas leak in our car in need of repair…timing couldn’t be more exceptional.

There were some real highlights today though…Kelly’s co-worker took our pink and green hand-me-down early 90’s couch with no legs from us…he even picked it up and gave us beer!!

We gave away a lot of stuff today, if you were around it you have got some off it.The t.v. and its stand, lamps, clothes, old winter toques and gloves (yes!!), and more.

But like good consumers we purchased (almost) as much as we gave away…a new compass, some reflective tape, hand sanitizer, a token Canadian flag for the bike trailer, and Taco Del Mar to keep us going.But the best part of the day was watching Kelly transform our flashy, shiny bikes to bikes covered in black duct tape and magic marker!!Now they are slick touring machines as you will see from the before and after photos.

Posted from Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
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2 thoughts on “Duct Tape Day

  1. Tanya

    Mostly to get rid of the flashy paint and brand names…Chris, the guy we rode with for a while in Mexico, duct taped his bike and it looked good, so we thought why not!


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