Drowning in Styrofoam

Cabo San Lucas is a nice place. The weather was perfect and there were many places to have more then a few drinks. We first arrived and didn’t really know what to do. So we walked around a bit. I saw a coffee shop so I decided that I should have a coffee (never turn down a good cup of coffee). The coffee was good. After that we went to the marina. Wow, there are so many nice looking boats in the dock there. Cabo san Lucas has the most aggressive sellers in all of Mexico (of what I have seen). But they have nothing compared to the average Indian (the ones from India, in case you were thinking of the the indigenous people of North America). Since we have dealt with it before, we laughed about it a few times and got off the marina and went back to the main part of town.

Cheesy photo in Cabo, why not?

We decided to eat lunch at Cabo Wabo (cool name eh). They had a live band playing and the atmosphere was pretty cool. The fish tacos weren’t anywhere as good the tacos stands in La Paz, but that is to be expected. After that Tanya and I decided to have a few drinks on the marina. We went to a place called senor sweets, ordered a chocolate moose ($8, probably worth the price) and spent the next few hours drinking two for one margaritas. It was tasty and a good way to spend the afternoon (this is the first time we have just sat and had a couple of drinks…..[extended pause]….the first time both of us had a couple of drinks).

Maybe our next tour will be on a sail boat…dreaming.

Maybe it was the sun, maybe it was the tequila in the lime juice, or maybe it was all the nice white sail boats in front of us. We started to get this idea in our head, maybe we should sail around the world. Why not, it seemed like a good idea at the time, and we still both think that is a great way to spend a few years of our lives. Sailing around, seeing the world from a different view, stopping at the different coasts, seeing all the nice places, everything. I don’t know if it will happen, but it sure seems like a good idea to me.

Tanya after a few cheap margaritas

Today we packed up our bikes. The chilling reminder of our reality, that we have to go back home and back to work. The worst part will be dealing with the weather (am I ever glad I didn’t deal with the extent that you guys had to deal with it..hehe). We went looking for some boxes this morning (after some coffee of course). We found some boxes, just sitting outside a store. There was three of them. So we went inside and asked if we could take the boxes. Great, we took them back to the hotel and started to look at the task ahead of us. It took us about 5 hours to pack them in Edmonton to get to Mexico, what would it take to pack them to get them back home? There was a small problem, all the boxes were full of Styrofoam. We were drowning in Styrofoam. The unpleasant part of the whole packing was just getting rid of the Styrofoam (there was a lot of it, a lot!) After getting a hand from some of the hotel staff were were on our way, cutting boxes, and making our bikes fit into this box.

It took a while, Tanya had to take a brake to get some junk food and beer (she is such a nice girl). After pausing for a peanut butter and banana tortilla and some beer (well, I only drank the beer) we were at it again. Cutting and taping our boxes to make them hold our bikes. After a long tiring period of cutting and taping we were done. Our boxes were made and we were done, ready to go home. We still have about 20 hours left, but our bikes are packed.

With the short time we have left in Mexico we reminisce about the the good times that we have had in the last month. This has been such a great trip.

Posted from Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico
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  1. Anonymous

    Indeed. I have always though sailing around would be great too. Too bad there is the small problem of buying a boat. They can cost as much as a house and depreciate rather than appreciate. But it would be sooooo awesome!<br/><br/>Nathan


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