Downhill and Tailwinds

Day eight 123km
Day nine 80km
Day eight started off like most days. Wake up early,pack up our stuff and hit the road. The scenery was pretty amazing, it was like we were in a huge alpine meadow, but there was nothing there except rock and a few cacti. The wind was at our back, so we had a great pace. With a few hill climbs ahead, most of the ground was flat or downhill.

Once we left the high desert we dropped in elevation (probably ~500m) and the wind was blowing about 25km/hr right at our back. I could hock a luggie in front of me, going 25km/hr and it would fly forward and not hit me in the face. Amazing. I was able to maintain 40km/hr for about one hour. There was no traffic, it was like a dream. By noon we had gone 70km. The high desert had so little vegetation, it was more of a barren landscape. As we dropped in elevation the vegetation increased considerably. It was like we entered a mixed wood forest of cactus. There were probably 7 or 8 different types of cacti. The tallest was about 8 meters high. It was so green, and it was so nice to see the green after the colour void high desert.


Nothing but rocks, wind and sunsets.

All good things must come to an end and the wind stopped blowing in our direction. Back to the old routine of going about 17km/hr. We wanted to make it to this town to spend the night. There were no campgrounds around and there was no indication of hotel in this town (not in the guide book or the map). Chris got a flat tire about 15km before the town, he told us to continue on ahead and he catch up with us later. The last 10km ended up being the hardest. Two big hills to climb and a slow decline into the town. It was hard since we had already gone 110km. Luckily we coasted after the climb into the town.

Pulled into the first restaurant to ask about a hotel for the night. As it turns out they had a hotel in the restaurant, brand new, at that. So we took it. Bought a 6 pack of Sol and drank it while the sun was going down. I don’t like Sol as much as Tecate, but it was still delicious. We went to get some food and then fell asleep on a nice comfortable bed after 3 nights sleeping in the windy cold desert.

Day nine we slept in a little, ate breakfast at the restaurant and hit the road. The pavement deteriorated considerably. After a 123km day, an 80km day goes by very fast. The road was flat, and as we headed south vegetation started to disappear and the Pacific ocean came into view. The temperature increased steadily. Our slightly browned skin started to turn red.

We passed the 28th Parallel and went into Baja California Sur. Pulled into a campground paid for the night. Before I pulled my tent out of the trailer we had been offered a beer from a guy from Washington. Before we knew it we had a crowd of people around us (all from California or BC) talking to us about biking, where the best place to camp is, the great little towns a head and so on. It was great, it is a very friendly place and everyone was very talkative. We walked around the town a little, found a nice place to eat dinner and went back to the campsite. Started to drink our big Tecates and Chris and I stayed up talking philosophy while Tanya went to bed.

Tomorrow will be a day off. We need it, after nine days of cycling our legs do need a bit of break.

Posted from Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur, Mexico
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3 thoughts on “Downhill and Tailwinds

  1. Anonymous

    So releived that you two are OK. Now I can sleep again. Sounds to me like your trip is somewhat of a grunt. Love hearing about all that is going on.<br/>Love ya, be safe and write,or call when you are able.<br/>MOM and DAD Hays

  2. Anonymous

    Hehe. Thanks for the update Kelly. It was very kelly-esque, especially the loogie, it was great. <br/><br/>Sounds like you guys are having some fun, amongst the rain. Hopefully the rest of the trip is more forgiving in that department. Have fun.<br/><br/>Nathan


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