Since we were back in Mysore and wanted to make sure we were good and healthy before we left again we decided to do some day trips to some sights around Mysore.

Chamundi Hill

The summit of Chamundi Hill is 1062 meters, and on top of the hill is a seven story temple.  You can walk up 1000+ stairs to get there, or you can take a local bus straight up to the top…we went for option 2, the bus.  We though it would be more difficult to figure out which bus to take but it was basically the only bus with English on it so it was easy.  It was crazy busy at the top of the hill (it was a Sunday of course), with hundreds of people waiting to get into the temple.  We didn’t want to stand in the hot line so we just walked around and then walked down the 1000 stairs back to town!

Holly Cow!! Tanya

At the summit of Chamundi Hill


Due to the success of our first local bus experience, we decided to try again.  We were headed to an 18th century fort about a one hour bus ride from Mysore.  There are lots of sights to see around the area, including more temples and mosques and a royal palace.  It was a worthwhile day trip, the bus back was crazy packed with people!!

Mosuleum at Srirangapatnam

Painted Deities

Brindavan Gardens

If you’ve ever watched a Bollywood movie or two, you’ve probably seen the Brindavan Gardens, as apparently many scenes are shot here.  It was quite a process to get here, we just missed the bus when we got to the station so we waited about an hour for the next one, finally we got on and 10 minutes away the bus broke down and we had to wait on the street for the next one.  When we finally arrived to the bus stop for the Gardens, we realized we had to walk a bit to the entrance, and it was 4 kilometers!  But we finally got there and were glad we went, it was very relaxing, and the gardens were quite beautiful.  Apparently it gets extremely busy on weekend and in the evenings because the gardens are all lit up and they play Bollywood film tunes over loudspeakers, would have been cool to see but we didn’t want to wait around that long.  We ate lunch at a really posh hotel, and lunch was surprisingly affordable.

Giant Chess Board

Brindavan Gardens

Market (added by Kelly)

I went back to the market, if you remember a couple of posts ago we said that the Mysore market wasn’t very lively or colourful. When I went back (around sunset) it was a different market, well maybe not entirely different, but it was more lively and more colourful. My only goal was to practice taking some shot with the camera and improve my skill. I took a lot of shots and didn’t come back with a lot that I wanted to post, here are the ones that I liked.


Lost of seats


Tomorrow we are going to try to leave mysore, we shall see how that goes.

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