Day four

Day four 80km
This day took longer then we thought it would. Maybe being a little ambitious thinking we could do 80km. The day started off great, got off early start, the sun was shinning and the road was flat. We passed through a town of 40000 people, the last big town for a while. It was great because as soon as we had passed through that town, the traffic died completely. Now you could go 5 or 10 minute without having a car pass you. We stopped for lunch at a small taco stand, 10 pesos a taco. Chris (our American companion) brought out a beer that he had, it was cold from last night and would not be could be they time we were done today. So we drank it (it was a big bottle probably about 1L).

We passed through a lot of farms, berry farms. There were a lot of green houses and not much else. After that we saw the ocean, and we were getting closer. I don’t have much appreciation for the Ocean but Chris (who is from Orange County) loved the fact that the beaches were untouched by development. This is how California would have looked about 150 years ago. Pretty nice, I could see why someone would want to build a place there. The weather was nice and the surf was impressive.

We saw a road that lead down to the beach so we thought we would go take a look. Looks like a nice place to retire in, and I think there are a lot of Americans that do that. If you want to get away from it all this is the place to be. But they must have been grumpy and unhappy. This one guy we saw just started yelling at us “You’re going to die on those bike!!” We didn’t know what to say, after hearing many negative remarks from friends and family, we never heard one this negative, and from someone that doesn’t even know us. It really made us mad. How could you say that, and it wasn’t in a joking matter, it wasn’t after introducing himself, it was, “You’re going to die.” I really dislike it when someone says something like that, it really bothers me. The next 3 hours all our conversation was focused on was making fun of this guy for being so negative and mad at the world, for never stepping outside his comfort zone and getting out there, never doing something like what we are doing.


Down by the beach, pacific side.

The last part of the day was brutal, we said good bye to the ocean for the next 4 or 5 days and headed inland into the desert. We had to climb this massive hill. In total it was probably about 10km long, but the last 5km were killer. I had to get off of my bike just to continue of the hill. It was stepper then anything I have seen in Canada, the last pitch must have been 10-12% steep. That is pretty steep on a bike with a trailer, especially after a long days worth of riding. It was all worth it though, the view at the top was amazing and the ride down the other side was a lot of fun. The nice thing about a 10km long uphill is the 10km long downhill afterwards. We came to the town where we were going to spend the night.

Since we are heading into the desert and have 350km (I think, but I could be wrong) and we need to carry all out water, so I go and get 30L of water for Tanya and I. 30L of water is like adding 30kg (it is actually add 30kg) of weight on our already heavy bikes. We continue from the super market to the campground (which is more of a parking lot) and set up for the night. Too tired to make dinner we head to the nearest restaurant and all order fish tacos. Damn good food down here. By 8 we were all asleep. All of our gear was soaking wet so we decided that the next day would be an easy day, taking our time in the morning letting our gear dry out and having a nice easy day. Right now we look like a bunch of gypsies, clothing and gear is all spread out all over the place. Gives me a good chance to update my journal. We should head out soon, no real plans of how far we will get.

Posted from El Aguajito, Baja California, Mexico
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