Cu Chi Tunnels

An American tank destroyed by a mine, mine parts supplied by an American B52, ironic isn’t

Ho Chi Minh has a lot to offer. Apart from the city, there is also the Cu Chi Tunnels. These tunnels gave the American army quite the headache back in the war. These tunnels went all the way to the Cambodian Boarder. At the tunnels you can see all the different tools used to fight the way. The traps were the most scary. Fully covered in camouflage, there would be no way you could see them. You would step on them and then get impaled by on of many different objects (sharp bamboo, sharpened metal shrapnel). They even had a durian trap that would fall from a tree when you triggered it.

looks normal


This guy pops out

We walked in the tunnels as well, they were increased in size to make it more enjoyable for us tourists, none the less, it was still very tight. We walk about 50m underground and it was hard. You have to crouch so that you are less then a meter tall. Back in the war, the Vietnamese would walk 5km in these tunnels. Amazing.

Duran trap, this thing weight 5kg, would be up in a tree and would fall on you

After the exhausting day of seeing the tunnels we went home to relax. The rest of our trip was spent seeing whatever sights were close and interesting. Of note was the Fine Arts Museum.


A nice old Villa, now the Fine Arts Museum


No matter how flimsy, helmets are required here by law, they come in all shapes and colours

Ho Chi Minh at night

Posted from Long An province, Vietnam
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