Day ten rest Day
Day eleven + day twelve = 144km

Day ten was a rest day, and a much needed one at that. It was nice, did some laundry, uploaded my journals onto the web, ate some really good seafood but most importantly, got some rest. Guerro Negro is not the best place to have a rest day, but it is not the worst. With enough to keep you busy for most of the day, not enough to keep you busy any longer.

The next day we were off. There was some thing rather odd. There were clouds. For the first time we have been here there were clouds. It was overcast when we awoke and stayed that way for most of the day. The temperature was also a little bit cooler then we expected. As the day went on the clouds broke up and the temperature increased. The day was easy, flat and there was a slight tailwind in the afternoon. It was also a boring ride, there wasn’t anything to see, kind of what I would imagine Saskatchewan would look like.

We stayed in this little place called Vizcaino. Not much to this town, it did have a super mercado (super market). The RV park that we stayed at had 30 citrus trees in the yard. Normal oranges, mandarin orange, tangerine orange, lemons, and other lemony looking things. Cooked some dinner after going to the super mercado. Talked to an older couple that was on there way to Cabo. They were from the Fraser valley. It is amazing how many people are from BC. It seems we get into a conversation with at least one person from BC a day. Chris decided that he would continue on today and meet up with us later. Tanya and I made tacos and went to bed.

The next morning we awoke to the warmest temperatures yet. I wore shorts right from the moment I got out of the tent (first time for that). We got moving and had a tail wind for most of the day. We made pretty good time. By 1:30 we had arrived at our destination (San Ignacio). The day started off pretty boring, but in the distance we could see some mountains. As the day went on we got closer and close to them. The flat road that we started off the day with started to changed into rolling foothills. It was pretty neat, San Ignacio is a date palm spring. When we came around the final corner, we saw this oasis, surrounded by desert. It was really weird, but very cool. The whole town had this humid, cool feel. Everything is so green and full of life (there are many different birds in the lagoon) and then you look at the desert which is dry, yellow and fairly void of life. It is a pretty amazing contrast.

Found a campsite on the lagoon and set up our tent. Went into town to get some beer. Checked out the old church in the middle of town, met up with Chris and then went back to the campsite.

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