Clams with bacon dashi

Have you ever made one of those meals that just blows your mind. A type of meal that the surpasses your expectations? A type of meal that you think about for days?

This is not something that happens often, but it did happen to me on the weekend. And it all started with the bacon dashi.

Bacon Dashi?

Bacon dashi is a food concept from David Chang, the creator of Momofuku and accomplished chef. Tanya and I first heard about David Chang when we started watching The Mind of a Chef and we were intrigued by constant reference to ramen and dashi.

Bacon dashi is where you use bacon instead of bonito flakes to make a dashi.

Dashi? Bonito Flakes?

Dashi is Japanese soup broth made from kombu (or edible seaweed) and fermented bonito flakes (preserved smoked tuna). If you have ever had miso soup, then you have had Dashi.

About a year ago Tanya and I never heard the word dashi before, but after hearing many references to dashi during the latest Top Chef Masters and The Mind of a Chef, we had to try it.


I followed the recipe from David’s cook book, Momofuku, which is full of a number of other interesting looking recipes.

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