We arrived in Cambodia yesterday, with no expectations, and no idea what it was going to be like.  So far, Cambodia seems more like India then any other country we have seen. There are differences though. Cambodia is cleaner, more people speak English, and their main Industry is Tourism (pretty obvious when you see the main tourist street of Siem Reap). The rural part of the country feels like rural India, and then people are just as nice. Cambodia does seem to have better value though, hotels seem really nice for what you get, beer is cheap ($0.50/glass) and the food is good.

Down an alleyway

Leaving KL wasn’t too enjoyable. Our plane left from the new Budget terminal from KLIA, but really it should have been called the Air Asia terminal. The budget terminal is probably 70km out of town, making the Edmonton International airport feel like the Edmonton City Airport. What this all means, is the the alarm was set for 2:30am, so that we could catch the bus to the terminal. After arriving in Cambodia, we crashed in our queen sized bed, and enjoyed every minute of it.

A small river cuts the city in half, the banks are covered in green grass, old trees and these pillars.

We pulled ourselves out of bed around 1pm, and checked out the town. As Cambodia has been in the tourist scene for some time and Angkor Wat only being 5km away, there was well developed tourist area of the town, somewhat similar to the of Kathmandu. Walking up and down the streets I quickly noticed a nice sign, $0.50 beer, everywhere. We had lunch, had some ice cream, walked around and spent most of the afternoon sitting in the bar, drinking stupid cheap beer. Go to an ATM around here and you will be asked how many dollars you want, put in a value and you are given the fake looking uninspiring American dollar. There is no need for the local currency here, prices are in greenbacks.


You want Homemade Ice cream in Cambodia, go here. Tanya loved the Licorice Marshmallow flavor

After a couple of days in India, I was wondering what other cultures had instead of rickshaws. I knew that Canada didn’t have a cheap three wheeled transportation option, neither did Singapore or Malaysia. To my delight, Cambodia has one. However the Cambodian one has four wheels. They are basically a minuture 5th wheeled trailer designed with seats to carry people and (the best part) fit on the back of a motorcycle. It is cool (lots of wind), not safe, and not very fast (a big motorcycle around here is about 100cc, so carrying three people and a trailer means you can’t go very fast).

One of the establishments we went to

The tourist streets are lined with nice trendy classic buildings

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