Distance: 70km
Roads: Amazing, first time seeing a paved shoulder in India
Traffic: Moderate (since there was a shoulder we could ride on, we didn’t notice the traffic so much).

Today was a long day, both of us had sore muscles from the previous days rides, I was getting over a cold and Tanya was coming down with one. No big deal though, pop a couple Cold FXand hope we don’t get too sick. The scenery today was superb, with great views and our first tea plantation, Kerala is turning out to be a great place to ride. The ride today consisted of rolling hills, you ride up a hill for about 500m, then you go down a hill for 500m. Good fun because you are always being rewarded for you uphill efforts (which is nice). The only exception to this was the huge hill we fortunately had to descend. About 10km of 8-15% slopes. My hand was sore from pulling the brakes the whole trip down. The road was very windy with many switchback corners.

Now we are in a place called Calicut (or Kozhikode if you want to be correct). We will take a rest day tomorrow. This is not the most ideal town to do such a thing, there isn’t much here for the tourist, just congested busy streets. Although this town is very clean (by Indian standards at least) and there were far less bad smells here as well (I didn’t smell raw sewage once). People here have money, although, it looks like the last big boom was in the 70’s, some buildings are run down.

Posted from Kozhikode, Kerala, India
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