Bus trip to Phnom Penh

After spending too much time in Siem Reap we were off  to Phnom Penh. The bus ride was about six hours long, the roads were bumpy and they bus wasn’t as nice as the buses in Malaysia (oh, how we miss the buses from Malaysia). A while back we found the best way to kill time on the road was to listen to a podcast. While  have heard many podcasts in my day, I thought this one was particularly good.  So if you have an hour to kill here is the link:


The podcast is from a weekly show called Deconstructing Dinner. The purpose of the show is to ask more quesitons about our food  (how is it made, where does it come from, what impacts our purchases make on other people and current food topics). This show is from UofA Internation Week, The speaker is Frances Moore Lappe and the title is Ending Hunger, Feeding Hope.

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