Bows and Arrows Coffee

Just over a year ago a new coffee shop opened on my way to work. It is called Bows and Arrows.

A roaster first

As soon as you walk into Bows and Arrows it is evident that this isn’t a typical coffee shop. In the middle of the shop is a large coffee roaster, surrounded by what appears to be a minimally designed coffee shop.

The owners are friendly and they know their coffee. On many occasions I have seen them trying different beans to decide which ones to roast and share with their customers.

Never had beans like this

Their beans are fresh and their stock changes weekly. Every-time I visit Bows and Arrows there seems to be new beans available. I like to switch it up, and Bows and Arrows always gives me a different choice of beans.

Tasting notes

I don’t usually pay attention to tasting notes for coffee, but after reading sone of the words that Bows and Arrows use to describe their coffe, I can’t help but notice them. Their notes include:

  • Pink peppercorn
  • Saison
  • Distinct
  • Dynamic

From the specific flavour to a general concept, Bows and Arrows isn’t afraid the stimulate your imagination, and palate.

Bows and Arrows have definitely changes the way I drink and think about coffee.

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