Once in while you come across something truly amazing. The other day it was literally outside our front door. It was these berries growing off of this tree. The name of the tree escapes me. But the taste of the berries will never leave my memory. Tanya describes the taste like cotton candy jelly bellies. This is not an exaggeration. These things don’t taste natural, they are so sweet and so tasty it is amazing, so amazing I thought I would do a post about them. One of the best things is that the tree grows outside our door, and every day I have one or two these berries.

It is like coming across a huckle berry stand. However in this part of the world there are so many things that grow so fast and produce so much that it really improves life (more so then an iPod would).

They are small but sweet

The flower of the tasty berry

Posted from Mysore, Karnataka, India
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