Distance: 68kms
Traffic: Light
Road condition: Great
Scenery: Awesome

We had another fantastic day cycling in  India today.  The roads have been overall in great condition and the traffic has been extremely light and just picks up a bit around towns.  We have really enjoyed the last few days!

We ended the day in a city called Belgum.  We had a good feeling about the city based on that comming into town, several people stopped to help us with directions and information,  it appeared to be a really nice city . We couldn’t quite find the recommended hotels after looking a while we got the first decent place (and now I have seen my first cockroach…well several cockroaches) and I ensured we slept in our tent in the hotel room, worked out pretty good.

Also on the way into town we talked to a really interesting guy named Sanjaav who is half way through a motorcycle tour  of the whole country of India, he is touring on a motor cycle to promote peace in the country (they are all part of a Chrisitian church in Belgaum) We ended up getting together in the evening with him and his wife and several other of their friends, we really enjoyed the time we spent with them, they are very caring and kind people.  They took us to a great reastraunt where we had excellent food and company, and then got a ride home on the back of their motor bikes.  A great day.

Posted from Belgaum, Karnataka, India
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