Becoming a better Photographer

I was sent a link to an article from a photography friend – How to Become a Photographer. I enjoyed this post, particularly this point:

Photograph the way you like it. Don’t believe in anything but your taste, you are life and it’s life that chooses…You are the only criterion.

Everyday I see things that amaze me, and I want to take photos of these things because they interest me. I need to develop my own style, one from within my self that is a reflection of me. This is hard to do when you are looking to impress other people with your photos.

My Favourite points

The article is great and contains other suggestions, below are my favourite points:

  • Don’t force the photos
  • Get away from familiarity and move towards the unknown
  • Print your photos and post them on the wall, put the ones that you like the best higher on the wall

I think the last point is a powerful as well. Posting your photos on wall and constantly changing the order to meet your taste is a form of self reflection.

Self reflection is very powerful.

Picture at the top of the post

July 11, 2015 – Update. I decided that I should add a photo to this post. My favourite shots are where human and nature intersect. Sometime we leave a small footprint on a mountain side. Sometime the humans are in control, but over time nature always takes over and I love that.

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