Baja in January

Thinking about the weather in Prince George in the winter time and not I’m not getting too excited about it. So why not instead do something different. I will be unemployed, Tanya will have 4 weeks of vacation, why not go to Baja Mexico. Doing some research, it looks like we could do it for about $2000 (one month, on our bikes, including airfare).

Where to start, like most things, you need some research, so we went to the library and checked out a bunch of books on Baja. Thinking of flying to San Diego and heading to Cabo san Lucas and then back to PG, sounds like a fun idea…

Tanya is telling me about the desert from the Lonely Planet guide, its funny, because I am listening to Neil Young’s On a Horse With No Name, which is about a desert,(edit, as I was informed by a friend, this song was preformed by America not Neil Young, and pushed Heart of Gold from the number 1 spot for music back in the day, it certainly sounds like Neil, but it is not), which makes me think that I should go to Baja. So maybe I will, maybe I won’t, it will delay our trip to SE Asia and the rest of the world trip for a few months. However for the past week I have placed the weather of Thailand and Malaysia on my homepage and I see that it is still the rainy season, and maybe we should pros pone our big trip for a few months (until December 2008), which mean we will have more money saved, and therefore more money to spend on traveling, which we could spend in Mexico. This is also a good idea because it will give us a good chance to see what it is like to ride our bikes across a larger area and hit up SE Asia after the rainy season. The next few weeks will tell us if this is a good idea.

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