Back to work

One last post. All is done, our trip has finished and we are back to work. We left San Jose del Cabo with no problems, got a taxi, threw our boxes into the van and went to the airport. Most of the waiting that we did was in the San Jose airport. We left for San Fran. Got to San Fran, had to clear customs, and get something to eat (we were very hungry) and we only had one hour to do this. Not a lot of time, we both thought that we would be going hungry for a while. To our surprise things went very well, cleared customs, got our bags and bikes (our bags were the first on the baggage claim, that never happens to me). Then we got our bikes and went to the domestic side of the airport. Gave our bags back to Alaska Airlines and we still had 40 minutes, but we had to go through a security check. The Americans and their security checks, we had to take off our shoes and wait in a huge line. Cleared that and we had 20 minutes before our plane started to bored, so we got some food. Both Tanya and I should have ordered one between the two of us (our meal was American sized), we ate it very fast (too fast) and then we bored our plane. From San Fran we went to Seattle, and this one was a little tighter. We got off the plane, walked over to the departures and got on the plane (not much time). We arrived in Edmonton around midnight last Thursday (or Friday morning), it was -30 something and it was not nice. Luckily my sister was there to pick us up (which was great). It is always nice to have someone there to pick you up in the airport. Our trip was great. Something that both of us enjoyed. Everything with our bikes went well, no problems, we never felt unsafe and we didn’t spend too much money. The trip was a success and we both loved it. Now we are back at work, saving for our next trip. We are going to go to SE Asia, India, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco (that is the plan thus far, but it could change, at any time….without warning….you have been warned). We will be using our bikes and we may work over there (teaching english to make some money to continue our trip). P.S. if you know where we can get a Catamaran cruising sail boat ~40ft long for cheap, let me know…..

Posted from Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
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