Arival in Delhi

Where to start. Land in Delhi, a crazy city. Get a taxi and it is like this. In Delhi, you drive like you are racing a car, you need to get to your final destination as soon as possible so you drive that speed no matter what. Don’t be fooled by things like traffic lights, no one else does, and if you stop at one you will get your horn blown at you. In fact you will get your horn blown at you if you are not tailgating the person in front of you, if you slow down for a pedestrian, if you hit the brakes hard to miss an accident. It was crazy, that is the only word to describe this, and there is no other word to describe and there is no other way for me to tell you about it, you need to experience it to fully understand it. That was one of the most intense car trips of my life.

The flight was good, 14 hours from LAX to KLIA (Kuala Lumper, Malaysia). That was tough, glad when that was finally over. KLIA is the nicest airport I have ever been it, it makes YVR look cheap and tacky, and makes LAX look like a third world country, which is what the Delhi airport looked like.

It is always smoky here, you can never get away from it. I think my lungs took a beating at first, but now they are used to it.

Posted from New Delhi, Delhi, India
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