Last week our visas came back from the Indian Consulate in Vancouver. It is an exciting time, as this is one of the last hurdles that must be jumped before we can go. We have out plane tickets, we have a route planned out, we have a hotel in Mumbia picket out, we are ready. All we have to do now is survive the last three weeks of our jobs. It is pretty exciting, I can’t wait to go.

The past summer was one to remember. This past summer I studied for the RPF exam (I don’t know if I have passed as of yet). That took up most of my time (except for one backpacking trip to Mt Robson and a week long holiday in the Kootneys and Okanagon). I got offered a permanent job (which I turned down to go traveling), found work both rewarding and challenging. Now I hope that the snow doesn’t fall until the day after I leave and start to think of what it is going to be like abroad. Tanya and I often talk about what we are going to do when we are abroad. We are going to be in India for 5 months, with that there are a lot of options. We don’t plan to cycle every road in India, but we do plan to see a big portion of it.

We are going to be cycling through India. We both thought that cycling would give us the best experience. We both like to ride our bikes and we are both looking forward to seeing the world pass a slower rate, riding through rural India, immersing ourselves completely in the culture. This is going to be an adventure, one without the creature comforts of home (a nice bed, familiar food, toilets, mosquitoes without diseases). However if one wants to go for a year, one has to make choices and figure out what their priorities are. For us it is to travel as long as we can and see a place the best way possible.

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2 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. lemonindi

    Congratulations, it sounds like a you are about to embark on a big adventure. I have traveled quite a lot in India, but never by bicycle. I am definitely going to follow your trip and find out how it goes and what you learn. Cheers. Lemonindi


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